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The libraries are closed

All of our physical libraries are closed until further notice due to Covid-19.

Chalmers Library User Guide

Obligations as a library card holder

You must visit the library to sign-up for a library card. Please remember to bring a valid photo identification. If you are under the age of 18 you also need a written consent from your parent/s or guardian.

By signing the library card you accept the following:

  • The library card is considered personal property. In the event your card is lost, please contact the library via e-mail or in person
  • Library login data is personal and should not be shared
  • You are responsible for the items you have borrowed and cannot lend the material to other persons
  • You are responsible for updating your contact information to the library
  • You agree that the library can contact you regarding your loans and requests


Electronic resources and computers

Researchers, students and staff at Chalmers can access the library’s e-resources both on and off campus. Library card users not affiliated with Chalmers can only access the e-resources on campus via the library’s public computers.

E-resources can only be used for non-commercial and educational purposes and we ask you to respect the terms of use

You are also obligated to follow Chalmers official information security guidelines when using the library computers.

Privacy law

In accordance with Swedish Public Access and Privacy Law (Offentlighets- och sekretesslagen, SFS 2009:400, 40 kap 3§), the library will not give out personal information about individuals, their loans or reservations.

Overdue and damaged materials

If overdue materials has not been returned after three reminders we regard the material lost and the final notice will include an invoice for the replacement cost and an administrative fee of 300 SEK. In addition, your library card will be blocked. Please note that the first two reminders are sent by email and the third by surface mail.

If the material is returned undamaged immediately after the invoice has been received you are only responsible for the administrative fee of 300SEK.

If the material, however, is damaged in any way, you are liable to pay both the full replacement cost and the administrative fee.