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Copy and Print-out


There are copy machines at each library. You cannot, however, use your printer account for copying. Regardless of your affiliation to Chalmers, you need to:

  • Purchase a voucher at either of the resale places. The vouchers are pre-loaded with different copy quotas.
  • Activate the voucher. Type in the number on the voucher and the pin code on line four.
  • Login on the electronic device next to the copy machine. The voucher number is the user name and line four is the pin code. When you hit enter the display on the copy machine will light-up.


Students receive a free quota of approximately 200 print-outs per semester (250 printer quotas). If you need to refill you printer account, follow the instructions below:

  • Purchase a voucher at one of the resale places. The vouchers are preloaded with various printer quotas (PQ).
  • Log in with your CID and activate the voucher. Enter the voucher number and pin code on line four.

You can print via Chalmers wireless network Eduroam or from the library’s stationary computers. Only patrons affiliated with Chalmers can print at the library.

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