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The libraries opens with limited services on August 17

On August 17 the libraries opens with limited services, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Study places and reading rooms are still unavailable due to Covid19.
Read more about the opening on August 17. 

New at the library

Welcome to our libraries and learning common. On this page you'll find everything you need to know to start using our services. If you have questions or need help, please ask a librarian on location or send us an email!

Our libraries

At Chalmers University of Technology there is the Main Library, the Architecture and Civil Engineering Library and the Mathematics Library on Campus Johanneberg, and the Chalmers Learning Commons Kuggen on Campus Lindholmen. The Chalmers’ libraries are public and open to everyone.

Library Account

Everyone is welcome to use the Chalmers libraries, but in order to access all the services you must have an account at the library.

Search for books, articles, student theses and more

You can find almost everything the library owns and subscribes to in the search box located at the top of our webpage. Type your search terms into the search box or narrow your search directly (to articles, books, journals, etcetera).

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For additional information, please see Search Services.

Access to E-resources

To access e-resources off campus you need to register at Chalmers. Can’t access the e-resources? Have a look at our tips.

Computers and Scanners

There are computers at all our libraries, either use your CID to login, or use one of our computers for external users. There are scanners at some of the computers at the Main Library, or as a function in the multi-printers, available at all three locations.

[Due to Covid19, the number of computers is limited. Read more here]


You can use Eduroam when working at the library. See instructions on how to set up your computer for Eduroam.

Copy and Print-outs

You get a certain amount of printing quota each semester, check how much you have left at
To make copies, you need to purchase a voucher and activate it. Use the card number and the code on line 4. 
Refill your printer account, and see costs and terms for copying and printing here

[Due to Covid19, the number of computers is limited. Read more here]

Group Study Rooms

Students at Chalmers can reserve group study rooms at the Main Library and in Kuggen. 

[The group rooms are currently unavailable due to Covid19.]

Math tutors

Tutors from the department of Mathematics are available at both the Main Library and in Kuggen during the school year.

[There is no Math tutoring at the moment due to Covid19.]

Learning Disabilities

A reading studio equipped with reading aids is available at the Main Library and in Kuggen [Not available due to the Covid19 situation). We can also assist you with audio course literature. For additional information, please see our page about services for students with learning disabilities.

New student at Chalmers

As a new student you will find more useful information at the Chalmers website

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