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Low Phase Noise GaN HEMT Oscillator Design based on High-Q resonators

The thesis considers the design and optimization of oscillators targeting low phase noise, given boundary conditions from the technology. Crucial technology figures are power capability, RF noise figure, low-frequency noise and the quality factor (Q-factor) of the resonator. Parameters that can be optimized from a design perspective are the resonator coupling, bias point and waveforms. The technology

Institutionen för mikroteknologi och nanovetenskap

Counting rational points on genus one curves

This thesis contains two papers dealing with counting problems for curves of genus one. We obtain uniform upper bounds for the number of rational points of bounded height on such curves. The main tools to study these problems are descent and various refined versions of Heath-Brown’s p-adic determinant method. In the first paper, we count rational points on smooth plane cubic curves. In the second paper

Institutionen för matematiska vetenskaper

Detailed characterization of plasmids carrying resistance genes…

We present an assay, based on optical DNA mapping in nanochannels that is capable of characterizing the plasmid content of bacterial isolates resistant to antibiotics in a fast an detailed way. In a single experiment we determine the number of different plasmids in each sample, their size, as well as a barcode that can be used for plasmid identification and tracing. In addition we demonstrate that

Institutionen för biologi och bioteknik

A Scalable Life Cycle Inventory of an Electrical Automotive…

This report is one of four coupled publications. It describes the technical and methodological selections, and the data collection made to develop of a scalable life cycle inventory (LCI) model of an electrical automotive traction machine. It also presents the essential electrical machine theory background for the work. The report is intended to be used as a reference book for the scalable LCI model

Institutionen för energi och miljö