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The libraries are closed

All of our physical libraries are closed until further notice due to Covid-19.

Other rankings

Below we present information about Chalmers results in the Leiden Ranking.


General information

The CWTS Leiden Ranking is based solely on bibliometric indicators, and is produced by CWTS (Centre for Science and Technology Studies) in Leiden. It is a high quality ranking. The list includes the world's some 1000 universities or research institutes  and is based on bibliometric data from Web of Science.

Chalmers ranks




PP (top 10%)

PP (collab)

PP (int collab)

PP (UI collab)

2018 392 142 462 153 7
2017 382 213 493 168 10
2016 389 217 484 162 8
2015 398 375 422 142 8
2014 417 308 381 131 4
2013 416 285 360 115 4

The CWTS ranking is not a single league table but is composed of a number of separate lists, each of which is based on a single impact or collaboration indicator. 

List construction

Impact Indicators

Indicator Explanation
P Number of publications
PP (top 10%) Proportion of publications belonging to the top 10% most frequently cited within its field

Collaboration indicators

Indicator Explanation
PP (collab) Total proportion of interinstitutional collaborative publications
PP (int collab) Proportion of international collaborative publications
PP (UI collab) Proportion of collaborative publications with industry

Lists from 2014 are based on publications from 2009-2012. 2013 500 universities was listed. This in combination with a changed methodology when it comes to field normalization, makes comparissions between the years difficult.