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Research data

Research projects often generates valuable data such as measurements, computer code and illustrations. By structuring and storing the data appropiately future access and reuse is assured.

Data management

Data management is the process of curating information generated during a research project and includes proper documentation, processing, storage and archiving. Research funders often require that a data management plan is included in the project application.

Examples of data management plans:

SHERPA/JULIET lists research funders with data archiving policies.  

Data storage

The online repository Zenodo (European Commission’s OpenAIREplus project), welcomes all researchers to preserve their research regardless of size and format. ECDS and SND are two Swedish actors who work to make research data available. is a global registry of research data repositories that covers repositories from different academic disciplines

Citing research data

In order to make the data accesssible, it´s important to assign a persistent identifier such as a Digital Object Identifer(DOI) to the dataset. Organizations such as DataCite can offers support in these matters. Data is cited the same way as other information sources and citation should include; author, title, year of publication, version, data archive and DOI.

Open access to research data

Initiatives to increase access to publicly funded reserach is ongoing both in Sweden and within the EU. The Open Research Data Pilot (Horizon 2020) and the Proposals for National Guidelines for Open Access to Scientific Information (Swedish Research Council) are examples of such initiatives.