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The libraries are closed

All of our physical libraries are closed until further notice due to Covid-19.



All doctoral dissertations must have an ISBN. The number is unique to your publication. The library distributes ISBN and serial numbers for dissertations and you can request one by using the form below:

Chalmers dissertations are also part of a series entitled Doktorsavhandlingar vid Chalmers tekniska högskola. The series has the following ISSN number: 0346-718X and every publication in the series has its own serial number.

Request an ISBN and serial numberOnce you request, you will get an email with the information.

ISBN, title of the series, ISSN and serial number is printed in the dissertation. Further instructions on how to do the layout of your dissertation is available in the Handbook for Doctoral Students.

Ph.D. students at University of Gothenburg must order ISBN numbers from the Swedish National Library

Information for your publication

The information is printed on the verso of the title page and should be formatted as follows:



Place of publication and year

ISBN xxx-xx-xxxx-xxx-x

Doktorsavhandlingar vid Chalmers tekniska högskola

Ny serie Nr xxxx

ISSN 0346-718X

If the dissertations is part of another series the following information must also be included:
Name and number of series
ISSN xxxx-xxxx

Printed copies for the library 

Doctoral Dissertations

Please bring 11 copies of your dissertation and 11 defense announcement sheets (spikblad) to the information desk at the Main Library at Johanneberg or at Chalmers Learning Commons in Kuggen. The dissertations will be distributed to larger science universities abroad. When you deposit your dissertations at the library you will receive a written receipt.


You can either send one copy to the library by post or drop it off at the information desk at either the Main Library at Johanneberg or at Chalmers Learning Commons in Kuggen. You will receive a written receipt when you deposit your licentiate.

Registration of thesis and electronic publishing agreement

Doctoral and licentiate theses should be made available in four respectively three weeks prior to the scheduled hearing. Log in to and check if there is a draft of your thesis under “Your drafts”. If so, click on the title and complete the registration. For the licentiate theses there are no drafts, choose “Register new publication”. When the registration is completed your defence will automatically be announced at the lists of coming dissertations respectivelylicentiate seminars on Chalmers' website.

Publishing agreement for doctoral and licentiate theses

In accordance with Chalmers Open Access Policy, your thesis should be published and made available online in In order for us to publish your thesis, you need to sign the publishing agreement. This is done in connection with the registration of your doctoral thesis. After the registration a link will be provided to the agreement form. You can also sign the digital agreement later. When we receive your agreement, the library will order the electronic file from Chalmers Reproservice and upload it to It is only the compilation summary of your thesis that we upload.