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Access to electronic resources

Students and employees at Chalmers can access databases, e-books and e-journals both on and off campus.

Login with CID

When you try to use a restricted electronic resource an identify screen appears. Please identify yourself using Chalmers ID (CID).

  • User name: Your CID (not
  • Password: Your CID-password

Please note that several electronic resources require identification also on campus.

Connect to Chalmers VPN

You reach many of the library’s electronic resources without having to login when you are connected via VPN. For additional information about VPN, see the Student Portal or Chalmers Insidan.

User tips

Start at Chalmers Library's website

The easiest way to access e-resources is via the library’s website. The system identifies you as a Chalmers user and the identify screen is displayed automatically when needed. You can also identify yourself here.

Link Resolver

Please remember that the @Chalmers button will take you to the full text of an article when available. If the full-text is not available, you are welcome to request the article or book.  

Google Scholar

Select Chalmers University Library web address in Google Scholar’s settings. This way you will receive full-text links to resources held by the library when using Google Scholar.

Copy and paste or reload via proxy

If you locate an e-resource via a search engine or receive a full-text link some other way, you will not be recognized as a Chalmers user. You can copy the title and search for the title in the library’s search engine.

You can also reload the page via the library’s proxy server.

  1. Save the proxy bookmarklet as a favourite.
  2. Locate the article, e-book, or database you need, click on the bookmarklet.
  3. The page is reloaded and you can login and check if Chalmers has access to the full-text.   

Terms and conditions for use of e-resources

For further information please see Terms of use.

Not a student or staff at Chalmers?

Everyone is welcome to our libraries. We have computers which the public can use to search and read licensed e-resources for private study purposes. When you leave Chalmers you no longer have access to our e-resources off campus. 


Ask the library

Please contact us if you can't access an electronic resource, or if you have other questions. Ask us