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E-books and reference works in technology and chemistry. Knovel also contains a search tool for substances and properties as well as interactive tools for analysis of tables and diagrams.

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Knovel is recommended by Chalmers Library. Here you will find high quality reference material where you can interact with the data, as well as advanced search features.

Video tutorials about the search tools

Terms of Use

Chalmers students and employees may use this resource for personal research and non-commercial purposes.
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Terms of use (downloads, printouts etc.) for this database.

E-books from Dawsonera

Dawsonera changes the download process for e-books. Adobe Digital Editions / Bluefire Reader is now used. Click to read more.


Inorganic Crystal Structure Database. Facts database for crystal structure of inorganic compounds. A tool for identifying unknown crystalline phases

BioCyc Database Collection

Genome research: BioCyc is a collection of Pathway/Genome Databases (PGDBs) plus software tools for understanding their data