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Verifiera Scopus författarprofil

Verifiera din författarprofil och publikationslista i databasen Scopus.

Scopus automatically assigns a unique number, the Author ID, to groups of documents matched to the same author.

The publication list attributed to the Author ID in Scopus is used for follow-ups at Chalmers. It is therefore essential that each individual researcher have only one ID and that this is correct.

You verify your profile and publication list through the Author feedback wizard, where you can:

  • Set a preferred name (Our recommendation is that you select your full name as preferred profile name.)
  • Merge profiles
  • Add and remove documents
  • Update affiliation (The affiliation is automatically changed after two consecutive publications with a new address.)

Some good advice:

A yearly control of your profile is a good routine.

Collect your desired corrections into one request to Scopus and wait for the changes to appear online (may take 7 days) before you send another one.

If your publications are scattered over a large number of Author ID’s and/or are mixed up with other researchers, contact Research Support, Bibliometrics & Ranking at