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Our website

Welcome to the library's website. Here you can read more about the ideas behind the work.

Responsive design

Our website is developed to be responsive. This means that the site responds and displays the content differently depending on if you use a computer, tablet/iPad or a smartphone. Check our library blog (in Swedish) if you are curious to learn more. Try the site on different devices and see how it changes and adapts.


The site is designed for undergraduate students at Chalmers University of Technology. During our research phase, we identified that this user group would benefit most from our help. Based on the interviews and to maintain focus on the development of the site, we created three personas; Sofia, David and Maria

Work, research and methodology

The library staff has developed the site along  with designers and programmers from Dear Friends. On our library blog you will find several posts on our methodology, research and personas, as well as short videos. The posts are in Swedish, but you will be able to read them with Google Translate.

Contact us

We welcome your feedback and/or questions. You can reach us at