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Fees & Payment

As a borrower, you always borrow books for free at Chalmers library. However, if the book or books you borrow are late, you have to pay a late fee. If you have lost a book, you must also pay a replacement fee. In other words, it is good to keep track of the loan period!

Late return and lost books

If borrowed material is not returned on time, the library sends reminders by e-mail. We send out 4 reminders over the course of three weeks and then we consider the material to have disappeared. You then have to pay a standard fee of SEK 600 and a late fee of SEK 200 for each book. When you receive the last reminder, you will be blocked from further loans as well as requesting books until the fee or fees are paid. If the book is returned, you only need to pay the late fee of SEK 200 for each book.


Payment is made in the Chalmer's web shop. Select the option "Chalmers Library - Fees" to get to the payment solution. You will also find the link in your last message from the library, i.e. when you have a fee to pay.


If you have questions about your late fee or lost book, you can always contact the library at

Payment example

Payment example

Step 1 - In the first step, you choose what to pay for. We have three options. If you have returned your book late, you choose option 1 where you only pay a late fee. If you can't find your book, you also have to pay a replacement fee. Then choose option two. 

Hur du betalar för din administrationsavgift, steg 1.

Step 2 - Choose how many late books you should pay for.  

Hur du betalar för din administrationsavgift, steg 2.

Step 3 - Choose "Guest" to proceed. 

Hur du betalar för din administrationsavgift, steg 3.

Step 4 - Choose the only option and then "Continue". 

Steg 4.

Step 5 - Fill in your contact information. 


Steg 5 - Fyll i dina kontaktuppgifter

Step 6 - Fill in barcodes and choose continue. You find the barcodes in the email from the library with the subject "Your library account is blocked!"


Steg 6 - Fyll i Barcodes

Step 7 - Review all your information and make sure you have the correct barcode numbers. 


Steg 7 - Kontrollera dina uppgifter

Step 8 - Choose "Pay online". 


Step 9 - Fill in your credit card information and pay. 


Step 10 - Show your payment receipt at one of our libraries if you want to clear the block immediately. Otherwise, the block will be removed within one working day.