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Comfort rules at the Chalmers library

Chalmers library has established comfort rules to ensure a good working environment for everyone. As a visitor, you are expected to follow the instructions and directions of the library staff, the library's information signage, and the rules mentioned below

Respect for visitors and staff

Please consider people with allergies and avoid using perfume or any other strong fragrances when visiting the library. Smoking, including e-cigarettes and alcohol, is strictly prohibited on the library premises. Additionally, animals are not allowed in the library, except for guide dogs.

Sound levels

Group work and conversations at normal volume are permitted in the library. However, if you participate in digital teaching or similar activities, please use headphones or a headset. If you don't have headphones, you can borrow them from the information desk. Mobile phones should be set to silent, and discreet phone calls are allowed. However, in the quiet reading rooms, phones must always be switched off.

Order and organization

If you have selected books from the book collection but do not want to borrow them, please place them on the relief boards at the end of the bookshelves or hand them over to the library staff. They will put the books back in the right place.

Food and coffee

Please remember that food is not allowed to be consumed in the library, including the group rooms. However, you can bring simpler snacks such as sandwiches, buns, fruits, sweets, and drinks.


Thank you for showing consideration and helping to make the library a safe and pleasant place for everyone!