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Computers, Wifi and Eduroam

Computers at the library

All our libraries have desktop computers available for Chalmers student to use to a different extent.

Each library is also equipped with an open search computer where all our visitors can perform searches in the library catalog, create a library account or reserve books directly during your visit.


Campus Johanneberg

At both the Main Library and at the Architecture and Civil Engineering Library we have a number of desktop computers which Chalmers students can use for a longer period, as well as use for printing. Use your CID (Chalmers ID) to log in.


Campus Lindholmen

At Chalmers Learning Common in Kuggen we have a desktop computer with CID login that is primarily intended to be used for printing or for shorter errands. You find this computer next to the printer on the entrance floor.

For access to additional desktop computers for Chalmers students on campus Lindholmen, we refer to the various computer rooms that are scattered across campus. The easiest way to find these computer rooms is via the app Campus Map.


Not a Chalmers student?

There are also computers for patrons not affiliated with Chalmers, but without the possibility for printing. Both the Main Library at Johanneberg and Chalmers Learning Common in Kuggen have desktop computers which the public can use to search and read licensed e-resources for private study purposes.

Public patrons log in with their personal number/Library card barcode and PIN code.

Wifi – Eduroam         

At Chalmers the wireless network is Eduroam. Eduroam is available at universities around the world and certain public places, such as train stations and airports.


Connect to Eduroam

Connect to Eduroam with your CID account. The username is and the password is your CID password. If this doesn't work you can find tips and special configurations for your platform at Chalmers Service portal (Login with Chalmers ID (CID) required). Once you are set up, your connection is automatic.

If you are studying at Chalmers as a student at the University of Gothenburg, you can access Eduroam, but you must activate it at GU. Read more here.

Click on the map and you’ll see where Eduroam is available! The map takes a few seconds to load.

World _Map _FIFA2

World Map FIFA2 by B1mbo (CC-BY-SA-3.0), via Wikimedia Commons.