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Scan and Print-out


There are several ways for students to use Chalmers print service. One way is to connect your own laptop directly to a specific printer using downloadable software, another way is to use the cloud-based service named Find-Me-Print where a large range of Chalmers-printers are available.

Instructions and technical help about the print service can be found on the Service Portal via the following links (login with Chalmers ID (CID) required):

Web print service

If you are having temporary problems printing from your own computer, or from the library's computers, it is also possible to upload and print out your document on the web in the Papercut service.

Print from Library computers

The library has a number of desktop computers, all of which are already connected to our printers. Here you can, for example, find printers for printing in colour as well as in slightly larger formats - such as A3.

To use and print from the library's desktop computers, you need to log in with your Chalmers ID (CID).

It is not possible for external users to print at our libraries.


If you need to copy a document, use the function 'scan to email' on our colour printers at the libraries and then print your document.

Copying books and journals

Swedish copyright law permits individuals to copy single pages from published works. This means that it is permitted to copy a small portion of a book or a journal.

For educational purposes, please find more information at Bonus Copyright Access.