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Chalmers Library Terms of use

At Chalmers University of Technology there is the Main Library, the Architecture and Civil Engineering Library and the Mathematics Library on Campus Johanneberg, and the Chalmers Learning Commons Kuggen on Campus Lindholmen. The Chalmers’ libraries are public and open to everyone.

Library Account

Everyone is welcome to use the Chalmers libraries, but in order to access all the services you must have an account at the library. If you are under 18, you need the written consent of one of your parents.

  • Your login information to the library's resources is personal and may not be disclosed.
  • You are personally responsible for your loans and you may not lend the material further to another person.
  • You are responsible for reporting changes to your personal information and email to the library.
  • You agree that the library may contact you regarding your loans and reservations.

Loans and loan periods

The individual borrower is responsible for his or her loans and is obliged to follow the loan period. Loans are expected to be returned in the same condition as when borrowed.

You are guaranteed to borrow a book for 14 days, but if no one asks for the book, you can borrow it for 90 days. The loan period can be one time for 90 days, either on the library's website or at one of our libraries. Note that there are different loan periods for different types of materials and that reference literature, publications older than 100 years and unique material may be limited to in-house-loan only. Materials from the Mathematics Library may be exempt from the general borrowing rules.

On the library's website you can make reservations for checked out books. When the book is available for pick up, you will receive an email. The book remains on the reservation shelf for five days.

Further information can be found here.

Delayed return and damaged material

If borrowed material is not returned in time, the library sends out e-mail claims. We send out four reminders and then consider the material lost. There is a replacement fee of 600 SEK and an late fee of SEK 200, and your library account will be blocked. If the book is returned you only have to pay the late fee. 

Read more about fees & payment and how to pay your fees

If the book is returned damaged, the book's value must be reimbursed, including the administrative fee of SEK 200.

In-house loans

Unique material and manuscripts that are in-house loans may only be used in our libraries.

Interlibrary loans

If the library does not have certain materials in its collection, they can be borrowed from other libraries for research and study – an interlibrary loan. Articles and books within the subject areas of Chalmers that are not in the Chalmers libraries can be ordered.

Copy of library material

Legislation controls how much you can copy from library materials. The legislation states that it is permissible to produce single copies of published works for private use. Therefore, you may copy one or a few copies of an article or other writings of lesser scope.

For copying from a normal sized book, you can only copy limited amounts. Copying for own studies and own research is counted as private use.

Computers in the library

Chalmers libraries provide a number of computers that are primarily for students and researchers, who can access them using their CID. If you are an external user there are a number of computers that you can borrow. As an external user, you do not have the option to print at the Chalmers libraries.

If you use Chalmers e-resources or computers at the Chalmers libraries, you must follow Chalmers’ regulations for the use of IT resources. As a student or employee, Chalmers’ regulations apply to employees and students (no. C 2010/819 and C 2009/728). As an external user of the computers, Chalmers’ regulations apply to the use of IT resources for guests (no. C 2010/820). This means that Chalmers’ IT resources must not be used to communicate, store or disseminate information in contravention of current legislation.

Use of e-resources

All students, researchers and staff with a CID can access the e-resources provided by the Chalmers libraries. By e-resources we mean databases, e-journals and e-books. They are intended for study and research and may not be used for commercial purposes or contrary to the Copyright Act. Systematic downloading is not allowed, nor is the use of software or scripts that automate downloading.

External users only have access to the e-resources in the library.


Anyone who violates the above rules or behaves in the library in such a way that the environment is disturbed or that the activity is hindered, and does not respond to warnings can have their right to loans, access to the physical library and / or its resources suspended for a certain period of time.

Privacy and personal data

For information about an individual person's loan, reservation or other form of order, confidentiality applies in accordance with Chapter 40. 3§, the Public and Privacy Act (SFS 2009: 400).

In order for Chalmers to manage lending of books and other library material, we need to save and use first and last names and social security numbers. Chalmers is responsible for the personal data we collect. You always have the right to know how your personal data is used, to correct incorrect information and to object to our processing of personal data. For complete information about our processing of personal data, about your rights and how to contact us, see Chalmers’ handling of personal data.