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Extended opening hours - "Meröppet"

We have extended opening hours at the Architecture and Civil Engineering-library (ACE) and Chalmers learning common in Kuggen.

When is the extended opening hours?

ACE: weekday evenings, between 4 – 10 pm.

Chalmers learning common: weekdays 7 – 10 am, and 4 – 10 pm.

Selected weekends before re-exam and exam periods Chalmers learning commons has extended opening hours on the weekends, between 07 am – 10 pm.

Before holidays, exam periods and other irregular openings- and extended hours, this will be announced on our website and on social media


Who can visit during the extended opening hours?

The extended opening hours are for Chalmers students and staff as well as GU students who are studying at Chalmers.

During these hours the above mentioned can access the buildings with their key-card, student union card or GU-card.

On weekdays when the doors are locked (usually at 4 pm) a guard from Cubsec will go through the premises to check that everyone has a valid key-card, so remember to bring that or have access to your student union card e.g. through the Mecenat mobile app.


What does it mean otherwise?

The premises are unstaffed. That means you can’t borrow books or other material.

At the ACE-library you can return books at the return machine, there is not such machine in Kuggen. At both places there is a book drop box where you can leave material for return, at ACE in the windbreak and at Kuggen outside the main entrance.

At Chalmers learning common you can book group study rooms during the extended opening hours, as well as participate in the Math tutoring gatherings.

If something would break, stop function, or otherwise happen that the staff need to know about, please leave a note on the information desk, or send us an e-mail to support.lib [a] .