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Renew or return borrowed books before summer

The end of the term is fast approaching - a good opportunity to make sure you don’t have overdue books lying around over the summer.

Published 2023-05-17

Library opening hours week 20 and 21

Exam period and Ascension Day affects the hours of some libraries

Published 2023-05-15

May Day opening hours

The library is closed Monday May 1st due to the May Day holiday

Published 2023-04-24

Get it done!

Get help with the final details of your thesis with us

Published 2023-03-16

New renewal period

As of this week, Chalmers library has a new terms regarding the renewal period. You have one renewal of 90 days instead of 6 renewals of 14 days. In other words, the maximum loan period will basically be the same, but you won't have to renew the books as often.

Published 2023-03-15

Archivision - New image database within architecture

Chalmers Library has a new database of images! The Archivision Research Library is comprised of 128,000 professional, high quality images covering architecture, urban design, archaeological sites, landscapes, gardens, and works of art.

Published 2023-03-07

Extended opening hours for students in Kuggen on weekends during the exam periods

During week 9 and 10 it will be possible to use our study environments at the main library and Chalmers Learning Common at Kuggen even during the weekends. During these weeks students can access the building with their key card, or student union card, on Saturdays and Sundays.

Published 2023-02-27

Opening hours during the Christmas and New Year holidays

From week 51 through week 1, 2023, our three libraries have different opening hours than usual. See below what applies to each library.

Published 2022-12-20

Pay for your late and lost books

As of November, Chalmers library no longer sends out invoices for overdue books. If you have fees that you have to pay, you do it in the Chalmers webshop, the same place where you buy printer quota.

Published 2022-11-29

New service for e-journals: BrowZine

BrowZine is a tool that allows you to easily browse, read, and keep up-to-date with current scholarly journal content on any device. All Chalmers subscribed journals are available here – in one place.

Published 2022-10-19

The Main Library open on Saturdays

From this week, we will once again be open on Saturday at the Main Library in Johanneberg.

Published 2022-10-03

New study spaces at the Main Library

We are opening a new study area at the Main Library, increasing the facility with a number of extra workplaces for our students.

Published 2022-09-12

Avoid getting fees on checked out books

The semester is coming to an end - a good opportunity to return your books, and make sure you do not have them lying around over the summer. You can of course renew your loans if you need them over the summer.

Published 2022-05-18

New group study room in Kuggen

From Monday the 9th of May, we make one more group study room available for our students at Chalmers Learning Common in Kuggen! The new group study room, Agafyren, is located on the 2nd floor and seats 8 people and is equipped with both a whiteboard and a TV screen.

Published 2022-05-06

Fix the details on your essay together with us!

Don't procrastrinate! The library offers "Get it done" sessions for students that are about to hand in their thesis. We help you with references and language questions.

Published 2022-04-21

Try LibKey and BrowZine for easier navigation to journal articles!

Starting in April until the 7th of July, Chalmers have a free trial period on both LibKey and BrowZine. These are tools that help you find PDF files of scholarly journal articles as simple as possible. No confusing navigation, and reduced waiting for different web pages to load!

Published 2022-04-05

Materials in industrial design

Students from the program for Design and Construction are now showing a poster exhibition where different materials in design and production are showed. The exhibition is showed in Kuggen from the 8th of March and will be showed during the spring semester.

Published 2022-03-08

Book exhibition at ACE library about women in architecture

The Architecture and Civil Engineering library has a book exhibition on the occasion of International Women's Day on 8 March. The book exhibition is about significant works by female architects from mainly the dawn of modernism to the present day.

Published 2022-02-24

Increased noise level at the Main Library

During the period February 21 to April 10, construction work is underway at the Main Library. This will mean a higher noise level than normal and we hope that our visitors will be forgiving.

Published 2022-02-18

New publishing agreement for open access publishing in journals from Nature

As of January 1, 2022, Chalmers researchers can publish open access articles with prepaid publication fees in 35 journals from Nature through a new agreement.

Published 2022-02-07

Create a library account online

We would like to encourage all new students to create a library account online before you visit the library to avoid queues at the beginning of the semester.

Published 2022-01-12

Chalmers Model Archive - digitized

In November, a new physical exhibition based on material from the Chalmers School of Architecture's model archive was opened at Ljusgården in the ACE building. Chalmers Model Archive's collection can also be found via Chalmers Library's Open Digital Repository!

Published 2021-11-18

This year's OBOC book!

"One Book One Chalmers", OBOC, is a book club where all of Chalmers - students as well as employees - will be given the opportunity to read the same book, and to join activities related to the book. Read more about which book we have chosen and what activities we offer!

Published 2021-11-11

New opening hours November 1st

From Monday, November 1s, our Main Library at Johanneberg will return to its regular opening hours again, see here what applies to each library

Published 2021-10-27

A model of the Eiffel Tower is exhibited at the ACE library

The ACE library is exhibiting a model of the Eiffel Tower on a scale of 1: 100, starting this October. The model is made by Hans Rosén and measures an impressive 3 meters and 24 cm.

Published 2021-10-27