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Mapping collaboration

Collaboration analysis gives an overview of existing collaboration patterns and author networks. Collaborators can be categorised into national/ international, academic/industry, by subject area, etc.

The analyses come in two versions:

  • Collaboration analysis which describes the number and types of collaboration between different partners, typically projected on a map to visualize geographical spread but can also be delivered in a table format.
  • Network  analysis which indicates closeness between collaborators in terms of intellectual similarity or similar research profiles for authors, organisations and countries. 

Analyses provided typically include:

  • Number of partners in past collaborations and their affiliation (academic, industrial sector, company, organisation, etc.) and geographical location.
  • Field weighed citation impact (as a proxy for quality) of past collaborations.

Collaboration mapping has many potential uses:

  • Evaluation of previous and ongoing collaborations in terms of quality and impact of the research performed.
  • Identification of key individuals in collaborations.

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Mapping collaboration