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Productivity and citation analysis

Bibliometrics involves conducting statistical analyses of publishing productivity and citations.

Productivity analysis

Productivity analysis is a basic component of bibliometrics which gives insight into the publishing volume of a group of researchers; how it has changed over time, and what publishing channels have been used.

Analyses provided typically include:

  • Number of publications and publication types per group 
  • Share of publications published in top journal percentiles 
  • Journal metrics for the publishing channels

Productivity analyses has many potential uses:

  • Input in the yearly strategic dialogue between Chalmers management and the departments (aka VP dialogues)
  • Bibliometric performance parameters in the faculty model 
  • Basic data in evaluations of research quality (e.g. AoAs in 2012 and Departments in 2018)
  • Background material for strategic discussions and plans at departments, AoAs, divisions, centres, etc

Citation analysis

Citation analysis is a central part of bibliometric analysis. Citations are regarded as a proxy for quality and a measure of the impact of a publication. The calculations differ from the productivity analysis in that they cannot be done until all publications have been published long enough – at least one year – to receive citations.

Analyses provided typically include: 

  • Citations per publication (self-citations excluded) compared to the world average within the same field and year: Field-Weighted Citation Impact, FWCI
  • Publications belonging to the most highly cited within the same field and year: Outputs in Top Citation Percentiles
  • How many of an entity’s publications have received at least one citation (self-citation excluded)

Citation analysis has many potential uses:

  • Information on how different factors affect visibility and citation impact: collaborations, topics, etc. 
  • Evaluation of research environments and groups

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