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Use a unique author ID

To ensure output traceability consistently use the same version of your name, including the same abbreviations, throughout your academic career. To unify any different name variations, and to collate your research output, we recommend you to register for and maintain the following identifiers.


ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor ID) is a global, not-for-profit organization providing a unique, persistent identifier for individuals engaged in research and innovation activities. ORCID enable connections between researchers, their contributions, and their affiliations. Using ORCID help application processes, and some publishers embed your ORCID into article metadata and will request it. The site Create and connect your ORCID to Chalmers offers Chalmers researchers help with creating an ORCID and connecting it, or an existing ORCID, to the local IT system at Chalmers. Information about publications can be added to ORCID by direct import from other databases. Both identifiers described below can be connected to ORCID.

Scopus Author ID

Scopus automatically assigns a unique number, the Author ID, to groups of documents matched to the same author. The publication list attributed to the Author ID in Scopus is used for follow-ups at Chalmers. It is therefore essential that each individual researcher has only one ID and that it’s correct.

You verify your profile and publication list using the Author feedback wizard, which lets you:

  • set a preferred name (our recommendation is that you select your full name as preferred profile name),
  • merge profiles,
  • add and remove documents,
  • update affiliation (your affiliation is automatically changed after two consecutive publications with a new address).

Some good advice:

  • Add your Scopus author profile details to ORCID by clicking ‘Connect to ORCID’.
  • It is good practice to conduct an annual check of your profile.
  • Collect your desired corrections into one request to Scopus and wait for these changes to appear online (which may take seven days) before sending another request.
  • If your publications are scattered over a large number of Author IDs and/or mixed up with other researchers, please contact us for assistance.

ResearcherID (Web of Science)

ResearcherID is used to identify authors in Web of Science, providing individual author profiles, comprising lists of publications and individual metrics. As with Scopus, Web of Science assigns an ID to each author, you need to claim and verify this ID to validate it. Login to read more about how to import publications and sync with ORCID.

More information

For more information on how to review and validate your profile in these databases please see the guide Be visible in the era of open access and social media (pdf, 1200 KB)