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Chalmers research portal

In Chalmers research portal, Chalmers Research, you can find information about the university's research, projects, people and publications.

Chalmers Research is also part of the global research information eco-system, and its metadata is delivered e.g. to the Swedish national publication database Swepub, and fetched and indexed by Google, Yandex and Baidu, increasing your visibility further. 


New Chalmers research publications are automatically imported from the databases Scopus and Web of Science and quality-controlled by the staff at Communication and Learning in Science (CLS). All other research output has to be added by the researchers themselves.

Add research output, not indexed by Scopus or Web of Science

  • Log on to with CID and CID-password
  • Click on your name top right and choose “Register new publication”
  • Choose publication type. The most common types are suggested but please consider if any of the other types in the left-hand list is more appropriate
  • Click through the wizard and enter as much information as you can.
  • The system will let you know if any mandatory information is missing
  • If you run in to problems, or have questions, please contact


The grant funded projects are imported from the contract database at Chalmers and data is added from several large funders and other appropriate sites. Staff at the library ensure a basic quality level and continuously add new projects. The grant funded projects are quite comprehensive in its coverage from year 2012 onwards.

See and edit your project activities

  • Log on to with CID and CID-password
  • Click on your name top right and choose “My research projects”
  • If you have pending approvals of projects this tab will have number next to the heading
  • By clicking the blue wheel to the right of the project title you can
    - Confirm your participation in a project
    - Review all project data
    - Edit project data
    - Send feedback to library staff on details of the project
    - Decline visibility of the project to the public

Publication lists

Export a list of your publications/output in various formats

On your personal page in Chalmers Research, the export function can be found. 

  • Log on to with CID and CID-password
  • Click on your name top right and choose “My publications”
  • In the grey box to the right of the page you find several options for exporting your output;
    - in APA format, sorted by publication type (will include all your publications/output) to a copy/paste format 
    - in APA, IEEE or Vancouver format to a html, text or rtf file. In this view you can use filters, for instance type of output, collaborators or year of publishing


If you have questions regarding Chalmers research portal, please contact us at