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The libraries are open with limited services

The libraries are open with limited services, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Group rooms are currently not available for booking at any library due to Covid19. Some Study places are available at Kuggen during opening hours, but are still closed at the ACE Library and the Main Library.
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Publish Open Access

There are three approaches to making research results Open Access. One is to deposit a copy of an article in an Open Access repository, also known as self-archiving, another is to publish in an Open Access journal and the third one is to publish in a so-called hybrid journal.

Parallel publishing

Chalmers Open Access policy focuses on so-called parallel publishing or self-archiving, which means that a copy of the work should be published in full-text in A majority of the publishers registered in the database SHERPA/RoMEO allows parallel publishing. It is most often the author's final, accepted and corrected version of the article that is submitted. Some publishers require that a prepage is used; contact us and we will assist you.

Publishing in Open Access journals

Open Access journals are peer reviewed journals published freely available online. The costs for publications are often covered by an APC (article-processing charge) instead of subscriptions, but there are also many journals that don’t have any APC:s. The Directory of Open Access Journals is an excellent tool for finding an appropriate journal. Chalmers Open Access policy recommends its researchers to publish in Open Access journals. Chalmers library supported article-processing charges when publishing in Open Access journals for several years, but this ended in March 2020.

Hybrid publishing

A third way to Open Access is to publish the article in a subscription-based journal and pay a fee to make the single article freely available.

Publish Open Access with a discount or free of charge

Chalmers library has agreements with several publishers that give Chalmers researchers the possibility to publish Open Access free of charge or with a discount on the APC in their journals. These agreements are valid within a time period, and to be included in an agreement a paper has to be accepted for publishing within this time frame. Many of the agreements have a cap on the number of articles to be included in the agreement, and some publishers identify potential discounts on the IP address. To be included in any agreement, you need to:

-be the corresponding author of the paper (or another Chalmers employee)
-use a correct Chalmers affiliation in the paper
-use your Chalmers email address in the submission process

Read about which publishers Chalmers have agreements with below:

American Chemical Society (2020-2022)

Publishing in ACS journals without any cost. A limited number of articles every year is included in the deal. 

American Institute of Physics (2020)

AIP erbjuder offers a pilot for free open access publishing for Chalmers authors in some of their paid-for journals. These journals are: Applied Physics Letters, Applied Physics Reviews, Biomicrofluidics, Chaos, Journal of Applied Physics, Journal of Chemical Physics, Journal of Laser Applications, Journal of Mathematical Physics, Journal of Physical and Chemical Reference Data, Low Temperature Physics, Physics of Fluids, Physics of Plasmas, and Review of Scientific Instruments

The publishing year of the journal needs to be 2020 or 2021. As the corresponding author you will be asked if you want to publish your article open access when submitting your manuscript. The offer applies if the corresponding author is affiliated to Chalmers in the publication and has used their Chalmers email in the correspondence. 

American Physical Society (2020)

Free publishing in all APS journals except Reviews of Modern Physics. Read more about Open Access at APS here.

BioMed Central (2019-2020)

See Springer Open.

Cambridge University Press (2019-2021)

Through a Read and Publish agreement you can publish for free in pure Open Access journals. This agreement also covers hybrid publishing. For more information about which journals are included in the agreement, click here.

De Gruyter (2018-2020)

Chalmers researchers get a 30% APC discount when publishing in pure Open Access journals. The agreement also covers publishing in subscription journals, which is free of charge.

Elsevier (2020-2022)

Chalmers researchers can through a completely new agreement with Elsevier publish Open Access free of charge in journals included in the Freedom Collection, c.f. list of journals. Also included in the agreement are some titles from Cell Press and The Lancet. Please note that only articles submitted after January 1 2020 will be included in this agreement. Read about it here.

Frontiers (2018-2020)

Frontiers is a fully Open Access publisher that offers Chalmers researchers a 10% discount on the APC for publishing in any of their many journals.

Inderscience (2018-2020)

As a Chalmers researcher you get a 20% discount on the APC when publishing OA. Please note that you need to choose Open Access actively.

Institute of Physics (2017-2020)

You can publish free of charge in IOP:s subscription journals. Please note that you need to actively choose Open Access in the first step to be included in the agreement.

IWA Publishing (2020-2022)

Free OA publishing in all journals from the International Water Association, and a discount on book publishing.


Through a supporter membership you get a 10% discount on the APC when you publish in MDPI journals.

Nature Research (2019-2020)

See Springer Open.

Oxford University Press (2019-2021)

Publish Open Access free of charge in many OUP journals. The agreement does not cover pure OA or Linnean Society journals.

Palgrave Macmillan (2019-2020)

See Springer Open.

Royal Society of Chemistry (2018-2020)

Chalmers has a Read and Publish agreement with RSC through the Swedish national consortium Bibsam, which includes publishing in their subscription-based journals free of charge.

SAGE (2019-2022)

You can publish Open Access free of charge in subscription journals from SAGE. This agreement also includes a 20% discount on the APC in their pure OA journals. 

SPIE (2020-2022)

Chalmers researchers can publish OA for free in SPIE journals. Information about Open Access publishing at SPIE can be found here.

Springer Compact (2016-2021)

No cost for OA publishing in subscription journals. The Springer Compact agreement covers more than 1,600 of their subscription-based journals. Read more information about which journals are included in the agreement.

Springer Open (2019-2020)

Researchers at Chalmers can publish free of charge in more than 600 journals from Springer Open, Nature Research, BioMed Central and Palgrave Macmillan. Find out more about this agreement.

Taylor and Francis (2018-2020)

Publishing in Taylor & Francis subscription-based journals without a charge.

Wiley (2020-2022)

Open Access publishing without a charge in most journals from Wiley, both subscription-based and pure OA.

Publishers and journals of a questionable quality

Sometimes questionable Open Access journals/publishers emerge, which you should think twice about before publishing in. Lund University Library has gathered information and discussions about a number of less professional OA publishers. There are also non-Open Access publishers who contact PhD students or other researchers, and offer to publish their dissertations, while simultaneously getting them to sign away their copyright. Please contact us at Chalmers library if you come across journals or publishers that don't give a serious impression or use aggressive marketing.