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The library gives you access to databases, e-books and printed books as well as Chalmers student theses and articles from journals.

Users associated with Chalmers can access the material online and in full text, both on and off campus. Read more about access to e-resources.

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  • Everything

    If you don't know which search service to choose or where to start, try using the search box on top of this page. When you have entered a search term and pressed Enter you will see a result list in The Library catalogue and discovery tool EDS.

    In EDS you will find the library collection of print material (books, journals, dissertations etc.) as well as the majority of e-resourses that you have access to through the library (e-books, articles, reports, standards, patents etc.).

    Once you have performed a search you can enter more search terms and use facets to drill down your list of results.

  • Articles

    If you are looking for articles, just enter your search words in the search box above and filter on Articles to the left. You will now search library catalogue and discovery tool EDS that contains the majority of the resources that you have access to through Chalmers library.

    From EDS you can add search terms and narrow the results with date range. Check the box "Peer Reviewed Full Text" to limit to articles published in scholarly publications. Even though the filter is chosen, it's important to make sure that the article in fact is peer reviewed. Read more about scholarly articles at Söka och utvärdera information (in Swedish only).

    You can also search for articles through dedicated databases such as Scopus or Web of Science . Here you can make more advanced and controlled searches. In the List of databases you can browse the various databases that you have access to through Chalmers library. Try to filter on Type of Content - Articles.

  • Journals

    You have access to tens of thousands of electronic journals via the library. An easy way to search for the e-journal itself (not the articles) is to choose E-journals as a filter in the search box and type the title or part of the title.

    You can also go directly to the list of E-journals, where you can browse by subject or search alphabetically (link below). Then you can search or browse within the e-journal.

    Tip! You can use BrowZine to follow your favourite magazines. More information here.

    You can find printed journals by entering word or words from the title in the search box above. Now you will find yourself in the library catalogue and discovery service EDS where you can filter by source type "Magazines".

    Many journals are kept in closed stacks. Please use the Request-button and fill in the issue(s) that you are interested in.

  • Books

    Enter word(s) from the title of the book or about the subject that you are interested in, in the search box above. You will go to the library catalogue and discovery service EDS that contain all kinds of material. You can filter on "E-books & printed books" already in the search box if you want to.

    There are many e-books in EDS. Sometimes it's possible to search within the full text of the book and get directly to the chapter. More information about e-books.

    To limit to Print books only, you can also use the filter "Print material" in the search box. Another way is to use the filter "Print books" when refining the search in EDS.

    At the page Borrow you can read about how to get a library account, borrow books and renew loans.

  • Databases

    The list of databases (link below) includes everything from large article databases to encyclopaedias and platforms containing e-books. You can filter the list on subject area and on type of content and see a description to help you choosing the right database. There are links to terms of use and sometimes useful hints when clicking More info.

    In many databases it's possible to make advanced searches, to use subject terms in a structured mode. It's also often possible to save searches and get alerts for new articles.

    Most databases in the list is for Chalmers students and employees only, but there are also some that are open to the general public.

    Don't know where to start? Try the encyclopedia Access Science or the article databases Scopus and Web of Science .

  • Chalmers publications
    Chalmers publications

    Chalmers researchers and students publish more than 2500 articles and 260 dissertations every year. All of these are registered in and many are available online.

    Older publications and student theses from Chalmers are available via the search box.

  • Student theses
    Student theses

    The service Chalmers Open Digital Repository includes student theses. Here you will find both student papers and master's theses from 2009-to date, many available online.

    Older printed student papers are available via the search box.

  • Encyclopedias

    Encyclopedias and handbooks are very good starting points and gives an overview of a subject. Electronic handbooks are easy to search, often continuously updated and containing links to further information.

    The link below lists some of the most prominent encyclopedias, dictionaries and reference books that you have access to through the library.

    Please note that there are many more among our e-book collection and to be found in the library catalogue and discovery service EDS. You can also browse the various e-book platforms.

    Don't know where to start? Try the encyclopedia Access Science .

  • Patents

    You have access to several licensed patent databases through the library. Good starting points for patent search are Derwent Innovations Index or Espacenet (European Patent Office). The latter you can also use for purchasing patents.

    Find more Swedish and international patent databases through the database list (link below).

  • Standards

    In the database SIS (formerly E-nav) you will find standards from SIS, ISO and IEC. Chalmers has access to a large selection in fulltext, including all Eurocodes (building and construction). If you are missing a standard please contact us.

    Standards from IEEE and ASTM are available through IEEE Xplore and ASTM Compass respecively.

Tips and tricks

Why can't I download e-books? How do I access e-resources off campus? Can I print from or download an e-journal?

Access to electronic resources

Request a book or article

If you are looking for a book or an article that is not available in our collection we will do our best to get it for you.