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About e-books

Our e-books are can be accessed day and night, on and off campus. There are approximately 20 e-book platforms. Most of them contains ordinary PDF-files but three have special requirements: Skillport, VLeBooks and Ebook Central.

Find e-books

Use the search box on top of this page. Filter on "E-books and printed books" and enter title, author or subject. Most e-books are in English.

You can also make advanced searches directly at the various e-book platforms, and create a personal account for additional features.

Please request the book if you cannot find it and we will try to get it for you.


E-books within business, engineering and computer science. The e-books are not possible to download and you are only allowed to print the screen content.


There are several course books at this platform. You need Adobe Digital Editions or the VLeBook app to download a book, but you can also read it online.

Read about VLeBooks.

Ebook Central

A very large platform with e-books in all subjects. You need Adobe Digital Editions to download a complete book, but you can also read it online.

Read about Ebook Central.

Use e-books

E-books at Chalmers Library are always available and can be read by several people at the same time. You can reach them off campus if you have a Chalmers ID (CID). If you do not have a CID, you are welcome to read the e-books at our public computers.

Conditions for printing and downloading vary depending on e-book supplier. Most e-books are available as PDF-files. Some can be downloaded completely, others chapter by chapter. 

It is often permissible to print or download a reasonable part of a book for research or personal non-commercial use. In some cases, however, it is only permitted to print or download a few pages. Other publishers allow entire books to be downloaded permanently or for time-limited offline reading. A collective agreement for all publishers is that e-books should never be passed on to other users.

Specific terms are available in the list of e-book platforms. Click the button More info and scroll down to "Terms of use (downloads, printouts etc.) for this database." If it says that you may download (digital copy) or print-out (print copy) a "reasonable portion", it means a couple of chapters.

Link to an e-book

To allow yourself and other Chalmers students and employees to open the e-book off campus, you need to make sure that the link contains information about the library proxy. If is not already there, please add to the beginning of the link.

The link can look like this:

Links to Ebook Central and VLeBooks are exceptions, they do not contain any proxy information.