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Q&A about requesting material

What can I request?

You can request books and articles within Chalmers subject areas that are not currently available in our collection.

Book requests: Please let us know if you prefer an e-book or a printed book. We will do our best to meet your wishes.

Before you request a book, check if you can find it at Chalmers Library. Please note that we do not make inter library loans for books that are checked out or for which there is a queue. Instead, you can make a reservation for the book.

How and when do I receive requested material?

Articles are most often delivered within a few days, but can take longer in certain cases.

Faculty and staff affiliated with Chalmers receive the article by e-mail when possible, otherwise by internal mail.
Faculty and staff affiliated with Gothenburg University, and located to Chalmers receive the article by internal mail or by surface mail.

Students get a message when the article has arrived and is ready for pick up at the library. We are not able to send articles by e-mail to students.

Companies and private individuals receive the article by surface mail.

Books are usually available within 1-3 weeks. You will receive an e-mail when the book has arrived and is ready for pick up.

E-books are most often available within a day or two after purchase, but may take longer. You will receive an e-mail when you can access the e-book.

Are there any fees involved?

Most requests are free of charge. Please see prices.

How long can I keep an inter library loan?

The loan period is subject to the policies of the lending institution. A few days before the book is due, you will receive a reminder via e-mail. Please contact us if you wish to renew your inter library loan since you cannot renew it yourself.

Can I leave a purchase suggestion?

The library welcomes purchase suggestions for books within Chalmers subject areas. When receiving a request for a book, the library decides weather to borrow the book from another library or add it to our collections.