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Services for Students with learning disabilities

The library at Johanneberg and in Kuggen, Lindholmen, has a reading studio equipped for students with learning disabilities. Here you will receive information about course literature as useful talking books.


Legimus is the Swedish Agency for Accessible Media's online library. Through you can search for and download talking books. Legimus webbpage is only available in swedish.

The app Legimus

You use the the app Legimus when you download and read talking books. 

Course literature

As a student course literature is available as talking books, braille books and e-text books. It may be articles, book chapters, Compendium produced by the university and university colleges. 


You must have an account to download talking books. Contact your library to get one. 

The reading studio

The library’s reading studio is a quiet and private room for students with learning disabilities. It is equipped with a variety of reading aids and you have access to the studio when the library is open. In addition, you can borrow an ergonomic mouse and a translator pen.

Students can reserve the studio for 4 hours per day, but can use it longer if there are no other reservations.

In order to gain access to the reading studio you need an attestation from one of the coordinators for students with disabilities.


Coordinator is Heidi Wåxberg, Student support,, phone 031 - 772 19 22.

Chalmers library

Ann-Kristin Årman, contact for students with special needs,, phone: 031 - 772 37 32.

How to apply for support

Log in to Nais and follow the instructions. You will need a valid certificate to make your application and when you have made your application, you will receive an email message confirming receipt of your application.




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