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Group study rooms

Reserve a group study room

Students use TimeEdit to book group study rooms at our libraries. Chalmers-ID (CID) is required to log in to the booking system.

On this page you will find links to the group room booking for all our group study rooms at each library.

Rules for booking and using group rooms

  • You make your booking directly in the TimeEdit calendar on the desired day and time.
  • You can make maximum 4 bookings, up to maximum 4 hours per time, over a period of 14 days.
  • A booked group room that has not been taken in use within 30 minutes may be taken over by others, who may use the group room during the booked period.

Group study rooms at the Main Library

Book a group room at the Main library

There are ten group study rooms at the Main Library:

Yonath (5 persons), Lovelace (5 persons) - Next to library entrance. Same floor as the library reference desk. 

Nobel (8 persons), Edison (8 persons), Curie (8 persons), Byron (8 persons) - Located past the information desk on the second floor.

Franklin (6 persons), Gödel (5 persons), Hopper (5 persons), Turing (5 persons) - In the quiet reading room. In here we try to keep our voices down a bit.



Whiteboards are available in six group study rooms. Whiteboard pens are available at the information desk.

Computers are available in Byron and Edison. 

Flat screen available in Byron, Yonath and Lovelace.

Group study rooms at Learning Commons, Kuggen

Book a group study room at Kuggen

There are three group study rooms at Kuggen, all on floor 2:

Agafyren (8 persons)

Kullagret (4 persons)

Trepunktsbältet (8 persons)



Whiteboards and flat screens are available in all rooms.

Whiteboard pens are available at the information desk.